Zum Balance Bike Review

Zum Balance Bike

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If you want the best bike for your preschool or toddler without breaking your bank account and compromising the quality, Zum Balance Bike is a perfect choice. With so many options available on the market, getting one for your kid is made easier!


Zum Balance Bike is a training bike that helps the rider learn the basics and complexities of steering and balance. It has no training wheels, no pedals, as well as no crank chain and set. It may be a normal bike with removed pedals and other parts, or it may be purpose-built particularly for small kids.

In addition, it may have no break, or it may have one or two hand-galvanized rim brakes. In just a number of hours practicing, children can be able to learn to cruise it.


Many parents and children enjoy making this brand of balance bike as part of their day-to-day activities, especially in family gatherings. Why not? They have proven that it possesses desirable features that are beyond compare.

Zum Balance Bike

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Tire: The wide tire base supports the children while traveling around.

Saddle: The seat on the bike is designed more like a saddle to prevent slip off while having a high-speed ride.

Frame: It is made up of glass fiber that is equipped by nylon to offer a splinter free frame.

Rear brake: The bike boasts of having 2 types of rear brakes – hand brake and rear brake.

Steering limiter: In order for a child to balance control while steering and doing some turns, the steering handle is restricted to certain angles.

Safety grip: This is added to the handle with the intention of preventing the handle from slipping because of sweaty hands or other potential causes.

Additionally, accessories such as helmet, bells, basket and vest are added so that the biking experience of a child will not be boring and dull. The accessories also protect them from any kind of damage.

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Yes, balance bicycles are beset with hype these days. But, they’re one of the erratic things in life. Beyond simply allowing your kids to learn balance and steering, below are additional reasons why it is worth the penny.


Compared to training wheels and tricycles, run bikes are more practical and much safer. Since they are more attentive on balancing, they can prepare themselves for unexpected balance losses and are much less possible to fall. The distraction of chains, crank sets and pedals are also removed.

Comes in all groups of children and variety of colors and sizes

Many brands can be found for 18 months-6 years old. So, parents can assure to get the right one for their children. Also, it comes in a wide variety of colors and styles similar to pedaled bikes.

Eco-friendly models

For environmental-conscious, there are available Zum Balance Bikes for you. The wooden models are made with birch wood, which is an ecological resource.

Provides accelerating motor skills (coordination and balance)

As a result, young children can get confidence and optimistically, reduce any fear related to ultimately learning how to use a pedaled bicycle.

Also, the adjustable seat height can range from 12 to 17 inches from the floor.


With the above-mentioned advantages, there are also disadvantages you can expect from this item, which includes:

  1. When not properly maintained, rot and warping can take place, and eventually become the possible breakdown of wooden models.
  2. Since they are relatively new and are still in the pioneering state, people have concerns whether to buy it or not since there is no assurance if they will last in the market.
  3. Consumers found this bike more expensive than its pedaled counterparts. The parts need to purchase separately.

FAQ – Some Questions and Answers

Over the past few years, balance bikes are getting lots of questions. Some of them are:

Does the run bike require maintenance?

The bike only requires little maintenance. Screws must be checked for rigidity before riding since they may loosen from vibration and movement.

Where to ride this kind of bike?

Because this bike is ridden by younger ones, it is set to ride on open grounds, open fields, school’s compounds and on the safer roads.

Is it limited up to the balance learning?

Children up to 6 or 7 years old can ride the bike. They can still use it for long more years even after learning the balancing of a bike.

Zum Balance Bike

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Final Verdict

If you really want to create a positive and fun biking experience for your children, Zum Balance Bike should be highly considered. It is a wonderful educational toy that helps teach children ways on how to ride a bicycle without anxieties, tears, and scrapped knees.

Children can surely benefit from the freedom of riding this bicycle. They are a perfect way to help children keep up on family outings, as well as help build coordination and strength for younger kids.

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