YBIKE Balance Bike | Top 3 Review

When it comes to surviving especially during worst execution, YBIKES are the ideal example. YBIKE Balance Bike Review gets excellent reviews among parents who want to teach their kids proper balance and coordination while getting the most of their bicycle ride.

These products are specifically designed to help children throughout their various development periods. 9 months old and above are encouraged the development of gross motor skills, build physical confidence and foster a deep sense of adventure. YBIKE Unicycle only aims to design durable, cool, innovative and above all, high-quality products suitable for everyone’s personal needs and financial plan.

Best Balance Bikes For Toddlers Comparison Table

  • YBIKE Evolve Ride-On Balance Bike
  • Editor's Rating: 4.0
  • Strong aluminum frame
  • Adjustable plastic seat
  • Weights 4.2 lbs.
  • YBIKE Extreme Balance Bike
  • Editor's Rating: 4.1
  • Strong and durable
  • Corrosion resistant and lightweight aluminum
  • Weight : 7 pounds
  • YBIKE Toyni Unicycle Balance Bike
  • Editor's Rating: 4.3
  • Unique rare wheel
  • Weight of 4.2 lbs.
  • Lightweight and small manageable size


Recently, YBIKE Balance Bike unleashed its valuable brands/models perfectly designed for the enjoyment and learning skills of children to ride a bicycle. Here are some in depth review of some popular brands

This product helps children go through all the transformation phases – from being a preschool to a big kid. YBIKE Evolve Ride-On Balance Bike is a high-quality bicycle brilliantly produced for kids between eighteen months and five years old.

It provides three rear-wheel transformations, offering higher balance level for curious children. Also, it is good for achieving balance naturally.YBIKE Balance Bike

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YBIKE Evolve Ride-On is designed to meet every need of the consumers. It has been placed as one of the must-have balance bikes due to its several amazing features. It has a strong aluminum frame, large carrying capacity, extensive color choices, adjustable plastic seat and exceptional design.

The weight carrying capacity of Evolve Balance Bike is 110 pounds, so no worries if your child will add a weight. They come in numerous colors such as red, white and black. The adjustable plastic seat enables a child to use the bike when he continues to grow.


Some of the advantages of using this bike include:

  • Available 3 back-wheel positions or configurations
  • Adjustable, which makes the riding experience of kids more memorable
  • Suited for all ages of children – from 1 ½ to 5 years of age
  • Offers numerous awesome features at an economical price
  • Count for the physical growth of your kids using the adjustable seat
  • Has good size, with sizes measuring 20Wx30Lx21H inches
  • In some cases, free shipping can be enjoyed

The only disadvantage of owning a YBIKE Evolve Ride-On Balance Bike is that, you may take enough time installing the bike well. This is because of the complicated parts you need to consider to ensure a safe and fun ride throughout the day.

But after a thorough and complex installation of the parts, your child can now enjoy a continuous ride, even with the minimal keen eye of parents.

Final verdict

Undoubtedly, YBIKE Evolve bicycle is an award-winning product that is rich in features. It doesn’t only help children enjoy the freedom of roaming around the area, but also teach them how to balance and steer with minimal help of their parents.

The adjustable seat promises a comfortable and safe ride for kids of any age. The cost is almost affordable, particularly if you consider the type of features it offers. Evolve Ride-On is indeed one of the first-rate bikes your kids need until they prepare for a pedal bike.

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YBIKE Balance Bike Review shows that Extreme bike has the most likeable design on the market today. Kids with 3 years of age and above can make the most of using this item. The maximum height of a child is 110cm, maximum weight of 25kg, seating height of 35cm and boasts an aluminum frame.

Its rugged-looking frame makes it more adorable for most kids. Surely, it promises an exciting outdoor ride, and parents don’t need to worry about leaving their kids with this item.YBIKE Balance Bike

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Having an addition of corrosion resistant and lightweight aluminum doesn’t necessarily mean this bike is not strong enough. In fact, it is very strong and durable. Its handlebars are comfortable and look somewhat stylish.

The cartridge wheel bearings guarantee the wheels are more durable and last longer. On the other hand, the rubber over-mould wheels offer puncture-free and good grip.


What makes YBIKE Extreme Balance Bike to continue gaining popularity among consumers is the fact that it can be easily assembled. Thus, you can immediately give your child the thrilling bike experience he/she wants.

Tires are great – no need for tubes, no inflammation, etc. If desired, parents can let their children roam around the house with Extreme bike. The materials used were solidly built to assure a relaxing, safe ride indoor and outdoor.


The major drawback of Extreme bike is its heavy weight, especially for little ones. Also, the level of the seat is very low. As a result, kids couldn’t glide at all. Another a little bit disappointing feature is the tires. Rubber tires are considered much better than plastic ones.

Expect to feel rocks and bumps while riding this bike, since they are not very thick and are very small. But if you will weigh up the YBIKE Balance Bike Review, you’ll find out that many consumers still prefer and recommend using the bike for a total riding experience.

Final Verdict

YBIKE Extreme is a fantastic new bike specially made for younger ones. It has been engineered with security in mind and designed to improve the coordination skills and balance of children. Its all-aluminum frame creates a huge impact among consumers and riders because of being resistant to corrosion.

Aside from that, it sports a superior finish and lighter weight. If you are looking for an excellent bike to protect your beloved little ones from potential injuries while enjoying the fun ride, it is a good investment you can make.

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Toyni Unicycle is among the cutest and recent designs in the progressive ride-owns of YBIKE family. It is a two-in-one balance bike professionally created for kids as young as one-year-old. Also, children between ages of 1-3 who want to learn bike balance can also get one.

Using this, your little ones will surely become a balance pro in a flash. Children can surely have the memorable and fun ride with this trike. In no time, little kiddos will become balance pros.71yb3p3sghl-_sl1500_

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YBIKE Toyni is well-designed to fulfill the needs of younger ones to learn proper balance just as much as comfort their parents of their safety. It exclusively possesses blow molded plastic frame, unique rare wheel, nice-looking design, durable, lightweight and small manageable size.

Since little kids love seeing colorful designs and colors, they will definitely love owning this bike for a longer period of time. You can allow them to bike on their own since it is very lightweight.


This type of bike exceptionally designed by YBIKE gives various reasons as to why adding it to the toy collection of your child is such a brilliant decision. Some of them include:

  • Very durable, therefore you don’t need to purchase it many times
  • Economically available, even those who are on a tight budget can manage to pay for it
  • The well-designed rare wheels will help kids from learning how to balance in a fast way
  • Extremely good and manageable dimensions for kids below 3 years old
  • Easy to clean and assemble
  • Have strong wheels

Even though Toyni balance bike has disadvantages as well, these will not hinder you from deciding to choose one. The only con you can find/experience by using this bike is that it is very small for children beyond 3. Additionally, its small size rare wheels will not allow a child to ride on bumpy terrains.

But overall, the YBIKE Toyni Unicycle Balance Bike promises a safe, lively and entertaining ride a child shouldn’t miss!

Final Verdict

The YBIKE Toyni is a wonderful ride based on its small manageable size and unique design of rare wheels. As a lightweight item, younger kids can take advantage of using it during weekends or any occasion.

It is such an ideal partner for the development of your kids as it helps them to learn ways on how to balance quickly. For a perfect coordination, it should be given top priority. It is undoubtedly worth buying for little toddlers.

There’s no way YBIKE will stop conquering the marketplaces. This is the latest invention that has already captured the interests of numerous parents and children across the world.

With a distinctive design similar to a motorcycle, which includes a stretched front fork angle and available in various colors, this type of innovative bike will continue catching the eyes of little ones.

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