Wishbone Balance Bike Review

Wishbone Balance Bike

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Are you looking for a balance bike that grows with your kids? If so, then wishbone balance bike is what you need the most. It will actually transform in order to fit your little ones from ages one to five. If your little rider is about one-year-old, then wishbone balance bike definitely makes a perfect first trike.

It is not hard to look at this balance bike and not to fall in love with it. Its stunning look and amazing design beckon riders both old and young. This bike is highly recommended for children to help them in balancing. The manufacturer has designed this kind of bike to evolve with the different stages of development of the child.


  • Adjustable from 9 inches to 20 inches
  • Customizable with optional seat covers
  • Frame stickers
  • Handlebar grips
  • Stability of three-wheeled design
  • Unique Wishbone frame
  • Made with sixty percent plastic wheels and sustainable, beautiful woods

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Before you knew it, your little one will be spending around on trike and asking about bikes. This is where the transformation starts. With a simple adjustment, wishbone balance bike can be turned right into a training bike. Through ditching the third wheel, the speed demon will then develop much better balance as well as coordination while having a great blast.

The bike’s last stage fits children up to five years old. All you need to do is to give even more height in order to create an ideal set of wheels for the riders. Aside from the uber-cool versatility that this balance bike has to offer, this is also designed as an eco-friendly bike. This does not only reduce the waste over the years but also is made from recycled plastics and sustainable woods.

  • Evolves as the child grows

This bike evolves with the kid’s development. As early as one year old, it can be used as a trike and then it converts to a running bike as the kid grows. By five years, the frame is just flipped, thus making it as one of the largest bikes. This makes it suitable for the child as it mainly saves on costs because it does not require to be changed as the child grows. Moreover, it evolves in order to suit the growth rate of the child.

  • Lightweight and durable
  • Stable
  • Has an adjustable seat

Even though the main idea behind this wishbone balance bike really makes sense, still lots of people believe that if it is not broke, why fix it. It simply means that many individuals most especially parents have learned how to ride properly utilizing the regular types, so why they would bother considering something more different? In addition to that, the tires of this wishbone balance bike might wear out easily.

Wishbone Balance Bike

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FAQ – Some Questions and Answers

Can we buy separate parts?

Of course, you can. The best thing about wishbone design products is the fact that they are meant to be utilized and repaired if needed for the coming years.

Is there a warranty? How does the warranty work?

Wishbone Design Studio primarily offers one year warranty against manufacturing defects as well as workmanship. All their products are designed so that one hundred percent of components are all replaceable and repairable. So, whatever your problem is, they have replacement parts to solve it.

Who is this kind of bike designed for?

This bike is perfect for children between ages of twelve months and five years old to help them learn the basics of balance.

Are the materials safe for my child?

The manufacturer has ensured that your child will never get harmed. This Wishbone balance bike is made from recyclable materials, thus makes this quality bike. This is made of sixty percent post-consumer recycled plastic wheels. With these things in mind, you can be certain that your child will always have a safe, fun and exciting riding experience.

How can I convert this bike into a large one?

There is nothing to worry because the process of converting this bike to a larger one is just very easy. All you have to do is flip the wishbone frame to make it one of the largest bikes.

Wishbone Balance Bike

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Final verdict

The manufacturer has ensured that this bike only has eco-friendly materials, thus make it more suitable for little ones. This is made even better because safety has been taken into consideration. This Wishbone balance bike is very light weight, which in the first place makes it portable when the need arises.

It evolves as the kid grows and develops, and is adjustable depending on the needs of the rider. This functions to the maximum while ensuring that children have fun as their overall safety is always taken care of. This kind of bike is definitely the one you should get for your little ones and let them enjoy the ride right around your compound.

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