What is a Balance Bike?

Everything you need to know about Balance Bike

What is a Balance Bike?

The balance bike is a type of bicycle without pedals that kids as young as eighteen months can ride by just pushing their feet. The method of learning how to use and ride a bike started in Europe.

Today, it is slowly becoming more popular in the United States of America. One of the top reasons why balance bikes are becoming more popular nowadays is that they are better than standard bikes with stabilizers or training wheels.

For those parents who are planning to buy their kids a balance bike, it is crucial that you have a clear and better understanding of the background and advantages of buying balance bike for your little ones.

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What makes Balance Bike different from a Standard or Normal Bicycle?

The only difference of a balance bike to an average or standard bike is that balance bike doesn’t have pedals and extra clutter. Balance bike has two large footrests and wheels.

With the help of balance bike, you can easily and quickly teach your child to balance much faster and better. In addition to this, balance bikes for kids are an excellent way to teach your child to ride a bike.

Anyone who has experienced teaching their children to ride a bike the traditional way knows how emotional and stressful it can be. Balance bikes are changing all that and make teaching kids to ride a bike faster and easier.


What is a balance bike?

Advantages of using a Balance Bike

  • The primary benefits of using a balance bike are that children learn to control a bike and balance on a motorcycle before they ever have to think about pedals.
  • A balance bike can make their 1st traditional bike ride a pleasure, as they already have a clear understanding of how to control and balance a bike.
  • Another advantage of using a balance bike is that it helps boost self-confidence. Children who have problems using a standard stabilizers bike will have little difficulty with this type of bike. This can greatly assist them to raise their self-esteem.

What type of Balance Bike should you look for?

In the recent year, there many types of balance bike on the market that you can choose from. Certain kinds of balance bike include steel balance bike and the wooden balance bike.

Many people recommend a balance bike that is made from steel as they last longer and can be reused. Balance bikes without footrests are uncomfortable for children since it poses a hazard when they are riding them. Without footrests, there is an excellent chance that their feet will catch the ground and make them fall and slip.

Make sure that your chosen balance bikes have footrests. It is a fact that balance bikes are the way of future, and they are quickly becoming more popular on playgrounds in different parts of the world.

Everything you need to know about Balance Bike


Important Factors to Consider before Buying a Balance Bike

According to some child development experts, the ability to ride a bike is considered as one of the essential developmental milestones since it demonstrates that a child has completely mastered certain skills such as repetition of movement, following direction, balance and body control.

Before you decide to buy your child a balance bike, follow these important factors.

  • The first and foremost thing you need to consider in a purchase of a balance bike is to know and decide the type of balance bike you want for your child. Types of balance bike include metal or aluminum balance bike and the wooden balance bike. Wooden balance bikes are charming that so many kids will surely enjoy them. Metal balance bike version will stand up better to wear and tear and elements.
  • Tires are also important in choosing and buying a balance bike. Balance bikes have air tires and foam tires. Air tires offer better traction and the smoother ride while the foam tires mean never having to place air in them.
  • Price is also one of the essential factors to consider in buying a balance bike. It is highly recommended to browse the web to find and compare the prices of balance bikes. In this way, you will quickly know the best bike that offers an affordable price.

So, for those parents who want to teach their child to ride a bike, using balance bikes are the perfect choice to use.