Strider 12 Sport No Pedal Balance Bike Review

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Are you looking for ways on how your child could learn balancing on their bikes without the need to go through the transition from training wheels to a real bike? Have you been thinking of ways on how he could learn to balance on his own?

The Strider 12 sport no pedal balance bike is the most suitable product that you should get for your kid. This product will help your child in facing his fears in riding a bike without training wheels or immediately learn how to balance without relying too much on the training wheels attached to their bikes.

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Features of Strider 12 Sport No Pedal Balance Bike

12″ Flagship Model Suitable for Children Aging 18 Months to 5 Years Old

It is a 12″ flagship model from Strider which is suitable for children ages 18 months to 5 years old. That means, as early as 18 months, parents can already teach their children the most important aspect of riding a bike is the balance.

Strider 12 Sport No Pedal Balance Bike

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The maximum height of the product is as high as 12 inches while the lowest seat adjustment can surely meet the height of little ones wanting to start training for their first bike ride. For parents who would like to train their kids while they are young, this balance bike is something you may want for your child.

Customized Grips, Handlebar Pad, Padded Saddle, and Quick Release Clamps

This product, specifically the 2015 model, comes with handlebar pad, customized grips, quick release clamps, and paddle saddle. These assure the parents that their kids will feel comfortable as they ride the balance bike, and they will feel secure, thinking their kids are truly enjoying their ride.

The quick release clamps do not require any tool for adjusting its function as it will work as you expect. There are padded parts to keep your kids’ delicate hands and other parts of the body from getting bruises as they try balancing on this bike.

No-Pedal Design Increases Your Kid’s Confidence in Balancing

With regular kids’ bike alone, children will have to deal with using the pedal and learning to balance all at once. However, with this product, they will learn how to balance confidently on the bike without relying on the use of training wheels and trying to deal with continuously pedaling as they ride the bike.

Learning to balance while trying to use the pedal can be a difficult thing for kids. As parents, you can make sure that your kids can slowly gain confidence in riding their bike without having a hard time in focusing on a lot of things that they must do while learning.

Strider 12 Sport No Pedal Balance Bike

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Lightweight and Maintenance Free Tires

Unlike the usual types of tires on bigger bikes that require constant inflation after several uses, the tires of Strider 12 sport no pedal balance bike are made from foam that can support an average weight of children with no maintenance needed. Also, it is lightweight, which means that parents will no longer think about their kids having a hard time riding the balance bike alone or dragging it wherever they want.

The material used with the tires is guaranteed to last longer than other materials used for kids’ bikes like plastic or heavy rubber and flat tires will never be an issue for parents as well.

Overall Weight is Light Enough that Allows Your Child to Lift It

Letting your kid carry it anywhere is never a problem as the overall weight of this bike is only 6.7 lbs. You are assured that your kid can easily maneuver the bike and will not get hurt badly if ever they fall. Being lightweight, you can let your kid carry it wherever they want without getting hurt.

At the same time, it helps your kid to learn independence as they bring their balance bike whenever they want and just ride it without too much assistance.  Your kid will surely love how they can learn to balance without training wheels.

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  • Lightweight wheels do not require maintenance.
  • Designed with mini-saddle that can perfectly fit hips of toddlers.
  • Handlebar and set don’t require any tools for adjustment.
  • Have customized grips for easy maneuvering of your kid’s little hands.
  • Comes with extra XL seats for larger kids.
  • Tires are made from lasting foam material that can be used for any terrain.
  • No-pedal design helps in bringing up the confidence of your kid as they can focus on balancing.
  • Hastens development of kids from transferring to a real bike with all necessary skills for riding their real bike.
  • Can be a bit tall for those kids with petite body built.
  • Depending on the version you get, 2013 version may not come with the extra XL seat for older kids.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is the actual height of the product from the ground to the seat truly suitable for 18 months old kids?

  • The actual height of the product is around 11 to 16 inches. Based from a Strider 12 sport no pedal balance bike review, the height of the child actually depends on whether they can reach the ground when riding the bike. However, the seat can be adjusted, so getting the most suitable height is not that difficult.

The picture shows like the tires are made from plastic. What are they really made of?

  • The tires used for this Strider 12 sport no pedal balance bike are made from super durable and super lightweight foams that could last for a long time.

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Strider 12 Sport No Pedal Balance Bike

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Final Verdict

Checking all the features as well as the entire build of the product, Strider 12 sport no pedal balance bike is a great product that any parent should give to their child. It helps in the developmental stage of kids when learning how to ride a bike.

The balance bike helps in training your child to balance while leaving other distractions such as pedaling behind. Its entire built is made from durable materials yet are lightweight suitable for the early ages of kids.

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