Strider 12 Classic No Pedal Balance Bike Review

Strider 12 Classic No Pedal Balance Bike

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Are you looking for a bike that will help your kids to balance well? Strider 12 classic no pedal balance bike would be the best for your kids if they want to learn to balance using the bike.

Strider balance bikes are the number one leading training bikes in the industry today. This kind of bike will help your 18 months children and older to learn how to ride a bike.

The Strider 12 classic no pedal balance bike is designed to give focus on the fundamentals of balancing, steering and leaning without any complications and distractions from training wheels or pedals. With this kind of design, it will help your kids to build their confidence, and they would also be able to eliminate their fear.

Just allow your kids to let their feet reach the ground to have some progress at their pace. With its unique design, it will teach your kids how to have their balance in their bike from the beginning of learning how to ride their bike. It will avoid any developmental delays that are very typical in bikes.

Having this bike will help in developing their riding skills even without the use of training wheels or pedals that can be used in different kinds of terrain whether it is outdoor or indoor.

Strider 12 Classic No Pedal Balance Bike Features

Cool Look:

It is considered as one of the coolest balance bikes that has a customizable handle that will prevent your children to falls off from the balance bike while they are riding it. It has a number plate too.

Well-cushioned Seat

The seat of this balance bike is cushioned, and it can be adjusted until it is very suited for a five year old child. It also has a safety pad that allows your children to have a sbemooth ride and can protect your child when they fall.

Fastest and Lightest Strider Bike

It has an aluminum frame and is considered as the fastest and lightest strider bike worldwide for having only five lbs.It is maintenance free and lightweight. It is easy to ride and use by children especially by the toddlers.

Strider 12 Classic No Pedal Balance Bike

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Easy and Quick Adjustment

Making adjustments is easy. If your children already grew up, this balance bike will provide you an easy and quick adjustment of the seat and handlebar.

Perfect For Toddler

This bike is designed to have mini grips sized that is very much perfect for toddler hands where it provides them great control.

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  • Purchasing this bike will include the bonus XL seat post that provides cushy seats for your kids for ages five years old.
  • There are no tool adjustments for the seat, and its handlebar’s height are good for growing kids.
  • The mini saddle in this bike can provide a perfect fit for the toddler – sized hips.
  • It is an award winning bike because this Genuine Strider Balance Bike is designed to be used by toddlers who are very young and small like 18 months old.
  • It can be accessorized to have a full range from other Strider add-ons like ski or pneumatic wheel.
  • It is easy, quick to assemble, has adjustable handlebars and seat for your growing kids highly. It also has no flat tires for light weight that is very easy to maintain.
  • It does not have pedals that people who already learned to ride a bike finds unnecessary.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • Is the seat high in range?

The seat range of Strider 12 classic has 11” to 16” and has an optional XL Saddle and Seat post that can extend from about 15” up to 19”. It is very typical to 18 months old up to 3 years old.

  • What is the weight of this bike?

This balance bike weighs 6.4 lbs, which is less than 1/3 in weighing compared to a pedal bike.

  • What is the measurement from the seat to its handlebars?

This bike has the measurement of about 11 inches from the seat up to handlebars.

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Strider 12 Classic No Pedal Balance Bike

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Final Verdict

This Strider 12 Classic No Pedal Balance Bike is very suitable to all toddlers when they want to learn riding bike. Since it comeswith no pedal, it has the mechanism that allows the child needs to learn to balance. Choosing this bike would be a great choice.

If your children have not experienced riding a bike, you can allow your child to use this type of bike. It is adjustable and can still be used by children even if they grow older.

So if you have a child who knows how to ride a bike or not, Strider 12 classic no pedal balance bike would allow them to learn on their own. It will allow your children to explore pedaling and balancing until your children learned how to balance without asking for help from others.

It only proves that it will eliminate the needs of pedaling until your children learn to balance themselves on their own.

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