Smart Gear Balance Bike Review


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If you are looking for the best balance bicycle under $100 and also quality. Then Smart Gear Balance Bike is definitely the ultimate choice!


It’s no secret that balance bike continues rising on the market. With various requirements and financial budget of individuals, several options are almost accessible. However, those options are attached with confusions. In many cases, bikes are chosen based on price and style than quality and performance.

Smart Gear Balance Bike doesn’t only come with many different styles at affordable prices, they also made of high-quality materials that guarantee excellent performance. Frequently called as balance bikes or run bikes, Smart Gear Balance Bike is pedal-free without training wheels.

It helps a child develop motor skills and balance. This is simply done by enabling the child to walk and sit, or run with the bicycle by pushing using their feet.

Smart Gear Balance Bike

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Getting a Smart Gear Balance Bike for a child is such a great investment that parents would make. It has several features, which includes:

  • Suitable for children with 2 years of age and up to 60 pounds
  • Stifled leatherette seat
  • Rubberized grips of handlebars
  • Inflated rubber tires with additional long tube valves
  • Adjustable seat height to grow with children from 14-17 inches
  • Spokeless disk wheels to avoid little feet from being caught
  • Limited steering range to avoid jackknifing
  • An assimilated unique carry handle in its body
  • Kids learn to ride and balance while boosting up their confidence – without training wheels and pedals

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Smart Gear Balance Bike will give you several reasons why getting one is worth your money. Aside from being an ideal choice for parents who want to assist their child in the understanding of how to ride, some of the benefits of Smart Gear include:

Eco-friendly – For those who are eco-friendly conscious father or mother, Smart Gear Balance Bike is made of renewable and secure resources. The wooden frame is made up of birch timber. This may be renewable, but plays an essential part in the overall lightweight of a bike.

Versatility or adjustability – Some makes of Smart Gear bike consists of a 5-position adjustable seat with an 11 up to 17 inches of height. This is very convenient for the growing kid.

Safety – This bike goes several lengths to ensure the products abide by safety rules. Comparatively, Smart Gear is safe from others. In fact, there’s no potential risk of accident or injury here.

Viable design – The lightweight construction of the bike makes it easy for kids to drive around. Smart Gear Balance Bike is designed to make use of formaldehyde-free glue, as well as nontoxic paints plus lacquer. Surely, a child can have a stylish riding with the available designs such as Chopper, Police, Floral, Classic, Blue, Bounce, Flame, Spring Fever and Bubbilicious.

Ideal trainer – Smart Gear is beyond teaching your child the basic of balancing and coordination because it inspires your daughter/son to build up his/her expertise for the life of biking.


There is only less drawback you can find in using this type of balance bike. Insufficient adjustability or adaptability can be present, plus the certain wood frame is not marine grade wood. So, it’s not waterproof and expected to see wear if left out in the heavy rain.

Smart Gear Balance Bike

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FAQ – Some Questions and Answers

Is Smart Gear Balance Bike safe?

Younger children are a lot safer riding on this bike, in contrast with tricycles and training wheels. Aside from that, it is clear of any chains, cables, pedals, sprockets or protrusions that can cause a child in danger.

Do I need to assemble the parts?

Set up only takes 10 minutes or even less. There is also a minimal need for tools when assembling the bike’s body. Overall, parents can find the bike assembly to be straightforward and easy.

What size should I exactly get?

Smart Gear Balance Bike can be found in 12, 16 and 20 inches models. Your choice depends on several reasons (e.g. needs of child, size fitted to your little one, etc.).

Is wearing a helmet needed?

For secured protection, wearing a helmet is advisable especially if your child is starting to learn how to ride a bike. You will find federal laws and regulations in all parts of the world that require bicycle helmet.

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Final Verdict

Smart Gear Bike is industry-largest training bicycles that help a minimum of 18 months children to practice proper coordination and balance for the future use of pedaled-bike. These training wheels focus on the fundamentals associated with learning, steering and balancing without the problems and disruptions of training tires or pedals.

Small children can balance on this 2 wheels, which evades developmental delays normal with training-wheel bikes and tricycles. Now, you can allow your children to explore the surrounding areas with Smart Gear Balance Bike. Many customers choose this type of bike because of being a teacher for their kids, plus the sleek designs it possesses.

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