Schwinn Balance Bike 12-Inch Review

Schwinn Balance Bike 12-Inch

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Have you been wondering about a great alternative for training wheels as you let your child learn to ride a bike? Are you looking for another solution on how the transition to a real bike would be easier for your child?

Well, you don’t have to think further as Schwinn balance bike 12-inch is the right solution perfect for the requirements you are looking for. Simple overall built has no other distractions and other safe features that are most suitable for your growing adventurous child. It is a product that works like how it is intended to and promises to its users.

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Features of Schwinn Balance Bike 12-Inch

Schwinn’s Unique Foot to Floor Child-Friendly Frame Design

Parents will not have to worry about how their child can reach the floor as they learn how to balance on the bike while feeling secure as they have full control over the bike.

Since the product has this unique frame design, a child can put his feet on the ground to keep his balance as he trains riding his first 2-wheel bike. A child can slowly gain confidence riding this type of bike and try hopping on a real bike as they have already developed their skills on balancing and riding it without further assistance.

Has Air Tubes and Tires

Unlike other balance bike that are available in the market, Schwinn sees to it that every child can get a real feeling of riding a real bike minus the distraction of pedaling. The wheels are made with air tubes and tires that will make any child assume that they are using a real bike.

Schwinn Balance Bike 12-Inch

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Transition to a real bike will also be easier as they are training in a well-built balance bike with features of a real bike. Most people like the real rubber tires used in the product as it provides much friction and control ability as a child uses it.

Seat has an Adjustable Height

This product is perfect for any growing child or kids with different age ranges in the family. Starting from toddlers to 5 years old kids, they can make use of the product. The seat’s height can be adjusted easily and uses a flip lock to keep the seat’s height in its place.

A family with several kids and with parents wanting to assist their children’s training in using bikes can benefit from using this balance bike alone. These means that children who are already walking up to those who are in their toddler years can use it.

Handlebars are Adjustable

Just the same the seat’s height, the handlebars can also be adjusted according to the height of the child. It also has flip locks that could keep the handlebars in its place. If the seat is adjusted, you can also adjust the handlebars to make riding more comfortable than other training bikes where the features are already set.

Aside from being adjustable, the handlebars are also made with comfortable grips to ensure that your child’s delicate hands are protected whenever they use it. Your child will love the comfort grip they could get whenever they would use for training their balance.

Overall Built Looks like a Mini Version of an Adult Bike

Another feature that many parents love with the Schwinn balance bike 12-inch is its overall structure. It’s looks like a mini version of an adult bike as the product has steel wheels, rubber tires, and other parts are not made from plastic like other practice toys.

Schwinn Balance Bike 12-Inch

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Wheel axles are welded on to ensure that it could keep the wheels in its place and are sturdier than other balance bikes. Just like a review made by a user, they loved the pristine built of the product, and it’s overall built that proves its quality with just one look.

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  • Its entire built is made with materials used with adult bikes to provide superior quality.
  • Seat and handlebars require small adjustments to meet suitable height for kids.
  • Has a unique and convenient frame design to enhance kid’s confidence in balancing easily.
  • Tires are filled with air to ensure comfortable and smooth ride.
  • Kids can easily assume it’s a real bike for kids and learn to balance fast.
  • The height adjustments are suitable for two years old and up.
  • Solid built yet easy for kids to pick it up.
  • Kids can learn to love the balance bike quickly.
  • May seem big at first yet can be adjusted to let kids use it comfortably.
  • May seem heavy for kids with the petite body built mainly because of the materials used for its different parts.

FAQ – Some Questions and Answers

Are there any tools needed for adjusting its seat’s height and its handlebars?

Reading a Schwinn balance bike 12-inch review, you will learn that the manufacturer made use of flip locks, which made adjusting and securing the height more efficient. The flip locks make adjustment a lot easier.

Will my 35″ tall son ride it?

Exact height range for this bike has not specified by the manufacturer. But according to a buyer, her daughter with the same height was not completely able to ride it. Her toes would hover a bit, yet with wearing shoes with higher soles she was able to but is not completely enjoying the ride.

Can my child lift it or bring it easily wherever he wants?

The weight of the product is around 7 pounds and would be a bit heavy for kids with a small body built. However, for those with bigger kids, the weight of the bike is not a problem.

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Schwinn Balance Bike 12-Inch

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Final Verdict

The features, as well as the positive reviews given to Schwinn balance bike 12-inch, make the product reliable for teaching kids on how to practice their balance before trying their real bike.

This balance bike actually teaches kids of the most important thing in riding a bike, and that’s the balance. Once parents notice that their kids can already ride it with their feet up, they can move onto a bike with pedals and start training on this real and bigger bike.

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