Prince Lionheart Balance Bike Review

Prince Lionheart Balance Bike

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Giving your little ones a head start with this Prince Lionheart Balance Bike is definitely a great idea. It really helps children not only to balance but also to steer on two wheels right before they learn how to utilize a two-wheeled pedal bicycle. The unique design that it has encourages the feeling of self-confidence and independence.

This is yet another wood offering you can find in the market and is a simplistic, rugged design from one hundred percent eco-friendly Birchwood.


  • Wheels come standard with wider twelve inches pneumatic rubber tires.
  • No brakes or footrests. Prince Lionheart balance bike is not equipped with brakes or footrests and neither both items are available for purchase. The use of brakes or footrests is not seen necessary by most parents. Moreover, having breaks or footrests may give kids a false sense of security, which may cause them to rely on the brake.
  • Recessed bolts. These are responsible for keeping both the child and the parent from getting scratched. Knowing that there are bolts on bike’s construction, parents can utilize their Allen wrench again. The bolts should be screwed once in a while since use and time could loosen them.

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Prince Lionheart Balance Bike

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  • The cost of this Prince Lionheart balance bike is similar to Active Skuut and Smart Gear Classic. This bike costs lesser than others in the market mainly because they are starter models and do not offer fancy features.
  • Eco-friendly. For parents who are very conscious of the environment, this balance bike keeps Mother Earth in mind. When your little rider no longer needs this balance bike, the woods of the bike can be recycled and can be used again to create a similar one.
  • Birch Woods makes this kind of bike an easy and convenient product to carry for both parent and toddler.
  • Easy to assemble
  • Simplistic, no-fuss design
  • Pneumatic air tires to ensure a very smooth ride
  • With components and frames constructed out of birch wood, apart from rubber tires, everything can be disposed and at the same time be recycled when this balance bike is no longer in use. Since Birchwood is one of the renewable sources, expect that Prince Lionheart balance bike is an eco-friendly option parent can consider.
  • Lack of adaptability. Some child might outgrow this kind of bike so many parents might consider limited modification options as its downside. For parents with two or more children, they want products that could last through every sibling and accommodate for different sizes of the child.
  • Both the tires and wooden frame are not meant to last longer span of time. They are susceptible just like wooden based bikes to tear and wear unlike those metal bikes. Even though this is similar to all kinds of bikes, their tires are more likely to deflate and wear over the time, so they need constant air pumping and maintenance.
  • Too big for smaller kids

FAQ – Some Questions and Answers

What is the seat’s minimum height?

It would be approximately 14.5 cm.

Who is this bike designed for?

This balance bike is primarily designed for kids transcending from ride-on-toys for both girls and boys ages two to five years old.

What makes this kind of balance bike different from other competitors?

Well, this balance bike is mainly composed of a natural wood frame of Birchwood. Both the handgrips and wheel seat are the only parts of the bike not made of wood. Since birch wood is preferred because of its lightweight characteristics, expect that Prince Lionheart balance bike is sturdy and strong, yet not as strong as metal.

Can I get new tires for this balance bike?

Yes, you can. Wheelset primarily comes with standard twelve inches pneumatic aired rubber tires. It is good to know that you can easily find replacements on Prince Lionheart site.

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Prince Lionheart Balance Bike

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Final Verdict

Overall, there is no huge difference between Prince Lionheart balance bike and other competitors. Aside from aesthetic design that it has, it is another kind of wooden bike for parents to pick from. There are lots of positive feedbacks that have been mentioned on the product page. In addition to that, this balance bike also ranks as one of the best available.

If you want something eco-friendly, this balance bike is not a bad choice. It has all the things you want in basic balance bike, since it mainly focuses on ease of use, thus making it as one of the great tools to teach younger children steering, coordination, and balance. It is designed in order to help kids learn to ride through helping them fully develop their coordination and balance skills.

It also offers fair, comfortable ride, yet you should not expect that it will last for many years to come. For a wooden bike, Prince Lionheart balance bike really sounds like it does an excellent job at it. There is really something that sets this balance bike apart from its competitors.

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