Mykick Balance Bike Review

Mykick Balance Bike

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You realize it, don’t you?

Kids just don’t understand they can’t pedal yet with their little, chubby legs they have but that doesn’t mean they can’t try. In that case, want a product that can let your kid power along simply by kicking?

Then, you’re going to love this Mykick balance bike review.

Mykick Balance Bike from Burley

Burely is known for being a worldwide leader when it comes to manufacturing top-quality, easy and simple balance bikes ideal for toddlers who are learning to ride a bike. These balance bikes are called Burely Mykick and have been quite a popular ride for kids of 2 ½ down to 4 years old.

Apparently, kids can’t help but keep on coming back t have a ride of Burley Mykick Balance bike.

Mykick Balance Bike Features

Mykick Balance Bike

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Comfortable Rubber Grips

The Mykick Balance bike is designed for kids, and kids’ skin are very sensitive. They easily get irritated, and it is such a good thing that that Burley’s bike is made with comfortable rubber grips.

That way, parents can rest assured their kid won’t be hurt at all, and their children’ can only enjoy riding their balance bikes to their heart’s content. It makes it real assuring for parents who favor for their kids to learn on their own without the feelings of being on the edge that their child might get hurt.

Long-lasting Flat-free Tires

The thing is, balance bikes are used ideally to train your kid and so its tires usually easily wear out. But that isn’t the case with Mykick Balance bike. This bike by Burley is evidently carefully thought of when it comes to durability.

Its features, its flat-free tires are made so that it will last for a long, long time and so that there is no need for pumping tires at all. With this, it becomes a lot easier for parents to have their kids a fun, safe way of riding a bike.

Mykick Balance Bike

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Flexible Seat and Handlebars

Mykick Balance bike by Burley also comes with seat and handlebars that can be easily adjusted for the kid’s comfort.

Aside from being adjustable, parents love the way that its seat is ‘padded’ compared to others that are usually plastic. Since its filled means that kids are certainly comfortable while having fun riding their bikes.

Handlebars are very flexible and comfortable as well that makes it real perfect for kids 2 to 4 years old. Kids love the bike with all these upgrades which works well in accommodating the needs of growing kids compared to other balance bikes.

Excellent Spoked Wheels

Burley’s balance bikes come in real quality spoked wheels that come with aluminum rims. Most people prefer spoked wheels to any other wheels. This is because these wheels offer strength and flexibility making them perfect for offroad stress.

With that being the case, it just makes Mykick balance bike ideal for kids ensuring parents their kids can ride their bikes comfortably, plus their bikes will be maintained in optimum health. Having a quality spoked wheels are as durable as full size bike and does not have much friction when turning.

Hard-wearing Ball Bearing Headseat and Wheel Hubs

One of the defining features of this balance bike is its very durable ball bearing headseat as well as wheel hubs. Parents love the way they are as durable as a full size bike and have been designed to reduce friction effectively so that the bike can take advantage of extended life for the Mykick Balance bike.

This way, kids can have fun riding Burley’s balance bike for a good, long time which makes it a real treat for parents in quality and money-worth. They are but highly recommended compared to shoddy, plastic bike that easily gets thrown away.

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• Easily adjusted handlebars for up, down, forward and back.

• 100% assembled with you just having to turn the handlebar, tighten it with allen wrench (which is also provided) and your kid is already ready to ride.

• The balance bike is designed to have ball bearing hubs and headseat so that kids can have real smooth turns.

• The bike features easy adjustment with a quick release on the seat.

• Low seat range that starts from 12.5” which is just perfect for most ½ year olds to fit and even for kids somewhat taller.

• Flat-free tires and steel spoked wheels, plus a little better grip compared to EVA tires.

• Slim design and fun colors that are most appealing to kids and adults alike.



• Spoked wheels are metallic which might hurt the kid somehow

• Some users complain the handlebars to be always turn around

• Product lacks turn limiter to secure that handlebars don’t turn all around

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is it possible to have punctures in the tire?

Tires are incredibly stable with punctures not possible at all. It comes in the good material making it real durable.

How much does the bike weight so?

According to Two Wheeting Tots site, Burley’s balance bikes weight about 11.3 lbs

How does the bike functions if it does not have pedals?

This bike does not need pedals as it’s designed for helping kids balance and so it feet is used for it to move along.

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Final Verdict

Overall, I can say in this Mykick Balance bike review that the bike is by all means one of the best all-around balance bikes you can find in the market. It makes it easy for kids to learn how to balance with parents rest assured their kids are comfortable. It is ideal for kids 2 to 4 years old who like to ride their bikes on the pavement or level dirt trails.

Being extremely durable, adjustable, affordable, lacking maintenance and real comfortable makes it real impressive and highly recommended.

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