Mini Glider Review

Mini Glider

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Are you one of those parents who are eager in teaching your kids how to ride a bike yet doesn’t want them to go through the difficult transition from training wheels to a real bike? Or, are you in the search for an alternative of training wheels?

Worry no more! You can now get the Mini Glider for helping your children train their sense of balance, which is known as the most important factor in riding a bike. The balance bike allows the kids to glide according to the pace they want and never get their feet injured as it is designed with a foot rest.

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Now let’s check out the mini glider review.

Features of the Mini Glider

EVA Foam Tires

A very child-friendly product, this balance bike is designed with EVA foam tires that can provide the best and smoothest riding experience. The feature parents love most about the Mini Glider is, it’s completely maintenance free.

Mini Glider

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You will not have to handle inflation breaks whenever your child is playing or practicing with it as it will not wear easily and will never go flat. The tires are installed on sturdy wheels that are sure to last long until your child learns to balance on the bike. Also, it does not require any pumping and is designed to be very lightweight.


Unlike other balance bikes where your child needs to put both his feet on the ground to stop the bike, Mini Glider has a handbrake that could already train your child to start being precautious of using the brake.

They’ll learn where they can make use of the brake while their feet are on the foot pegs. Yes, kids can also make use of their feet when stopping yet, in the long run, they can learn how to use the brake once they continuously practicing their balance. These will teach kids how they could stop without using their feet.

Foot Pegs that are Removable

Regardless of what is comfortable for your child, you can have the foot pegs removed or just let them remain there. For your child to have a comfortable foot rest while they are gliding, these pegs can protect their feet from hanging and prevent any incidents where they would outbalance.

The pegs also help in giving the child an easy time transitioning to the use of a pedal. This could train the child how they position their feet while riding a bike. While starting, you can have the pegs removed so your child will learn how to balance first and put the pegs as he starts lifting his feet up.


Every child wants to receive a real-looking bike and the kickstand feature provides this. After riding, you can let your child finding his own parking space and let him push the kickstand as if he is already a grown up.

Mini Glider

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Aside from learning how to balance, this particular feature helps in teaching the child on how it functions and its purpose. This would also train his sense of responsibility in taking care of his bike after use. Knowing that it can stand alone will give your child a sense of fulfillment like he is using a real bike while training.

Seat Height is Adjustable

Adjusting the bike’s height with your child’s height is never a problem as the seat height is completely adjustable. Parents will not have to worry about how they can actually make their kids comfortable while riding the bike as the seat height can be adjusted with ease.

Parents can adjust the height lower or higher depending on their kid’s height or depending on what height their kids feel comfortable with. The seat is also comfortable, which makes it an additional factor that parents would love from getting the Mini Glider.

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  • It is lightweight, which makes it easier for your kids to carry it alone or glide as fast as they want.
  • Assembly is very easy. The product comes with few steps yet with clear instructions that make it easy for parents to build the balance bike.
  • Grips are well-padded. These features provide your child an extra protection from hours of playing outside and gliding with all their might. Also, it prevents your child’s hands from having bruises with maneuvering the handle
  • Price is really worthy of its features and is less expensive than other balance bikes that are currently offered in the market.
  • The foot pegs help the child get used to the feeling of having pedals on their bike once they learned how to balance.
  • Learning to use the handbrake may be a bit challenging for kids starting to train.
  • The kickstand may come risky if parents would not constantly remind their child to put it up.
  • Foot pegs may be a bit of trouble with smaller kids, but it can be removed and just be attached once your kid learns how to raise his feet while gliding.

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FAQ – Some Questions and Answers

Would the tires last for a long time?

The tires are made from EVA foam, which assures that it can last for a long time. Based on a Mini Glider review, they loved how the tires lasted for more than a year, and it didn’t wear out until their child, and his friends used it too much.

Is the lowest seat height suited for my two years old?

The lowest height adjustment for the seat height is around 12 inches and would be high enough for your child to sit comfortably with his or her feet flat on the ground. The highest is 17 inches, which makes it a great glider for both toddler and older kids.

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Mini Glider

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Final Verdict

Summing up all the features and what makes the Mini Glider better than others make it a greater product than other balance bikes in the market. The price may not be a bit cheap but it is worthy of its price.

It comes with extra features like the foot pegs, handbrake, and kickstand, which makes the product really interesting than other balance bikes. Since it is very lightweight, parents can feel secured that their kids can get an easy time maneuvering the bike and also in carrying it wherever they want.

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