Kazam Classic Balance Bike Review


Kazam Classic Balance Bike

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Was your 6 years old child not able to ride the bike he got last Christmas? Is he scared to ride on it just because he still doesn’t know how to balance?

Well, put all your worries aside as Kazam classic balance bike is the best solution for you. It’s a well-built balance bike that will make it easier for you to see your child learn how to ride his first training bike without the need to settle with training wheels.

For your information, training wheels only help your child to do the pedaling yet once the wheels are removed, they would have problems in balancing. This is how this balance bike could help your child.

Features of Kazam Classic Balance Bike

Chrome Handlebars are Adjustable

The handlebars are made from chrome that will not develop any form of corrosion. Since it is adjustable, actually you can move it higher or lower depending on the height of your child. Adjusting is easy as it has no friction headset made from metal that is equipped with the bottom and top ball bearings.

Kazam Classic Balance Bike

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As a parent, you want to make sure that your child is comfortable with the height of the handlebar and have an easy time maneuvering the entire bike to the direction that they want. The adjustable handlebar makes maneuverability easier to achieve.

Soft Padded Grips

Thinking about any bruises with your child’s small hands will never be a problem as the Kazam classic balance bike is designed with soft paddings. This feature makes it more comfortable for your child to hold onto the grips for a long time and keep on maneuvering it without worrying about any bruises.

Also, it is molded accordingly to prevent the hands from slipping off the handle while moving it towards the desired direction. Even you can try holding on the grips and tell how comfortable it will be for your child to have a tight grip on the handlebar.

Rubber Tires are Air Inflated

Lasting rubber tires is what most parents want. A lot of people know how dependable rubber tires are when it comes to friction and in going through different terrains. Adult bikes have this type of material used on their tires, and it is no wonder why there are parents who loved the fact that it was also used on this balance bike.

Kazam Classic Balance Bike

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It allows smoother rides for your little one as he practices his balance while riding his first 2-wheel bike. Also, rubber tires have these marks that make friction higher that could make sudden stops easier to handle.

Easy Step-in Design on Footrest

Worrying about your child’s feet getting on the road as he rides the balance bike is not a problem as the frame design of this balance bike comes with a footrest. The design of footrest in this bike is patented and can only be seen in this brand.

Your kid just has to put his feet on the footrest area and enjoy his ride while keeping his balance. This feature will help in letting your kid learn to position his feet while riding the bike. Their feet will not also slip from the footrest as it has rubber to increase friction.

Quick Release Adjustment

The seat has a quick release adjustment feature that makes it easy for parents to make the right adjustments according to the height of their child. Also, it has a raised molded seat that ensures the comfort of your child during long rides.

Knowing that your child’s hips can get enough support and that the most suitable seat height is attained, you’ll get peace of mind so you will just let your child train himself. You just have to pull the seat higher or push it lower to get the most comfortable height for your child.

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  • It is lightweight. It is always a great factor for parents as there are times when kids would just leave their toys and let their parents carry it home for them. This balance bike is light and provides many benefits for parents and even for kids.
  • The seat can be adjusted with the kids height without using any tools. Since your child is growing, knowing that you can just pull the seat another inch higher without using any tools is a plus factor.
  • The size of Kazam classic balance bike is the best for small children and can be adjusted to fit perfectly for taller ones or those who are growing fast.
  • The entire built of the product along with the foot rest makes the product a great training tool for developing any child’s ability to balance while riding or while the bike is in motion.
  • Inflating the tires may be a bit of a hassle for parents especially for when kids make use of the bike too often.
  • The seat is a bit angling downward, which can be a problem for smaller kids.

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FAQ – Some Questions and Answers

Is the foot rest a great feature?

Well, it depends. If your child does not want his feet hanging or sticking out, the foot rest is definitely a great feature.

Would it be suitable for my 2 years old?

Based on a Kazam classic balance bike review, his 2 years old was able to get benefits from it before he has outgrown it. It helped in developing his child sense of balance and also his ability to steer the bike.

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Kazam Classic Balance Bike Review

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Final Verdict

Overall, is a great bike designed with a well-built frame. It has a footrest that makes it easy for your child to keep his feet safe from sticking out while riding the bike.

Training with this balance bike is simple especially for kids with small and big kids. The product is offered at a very reasonable price and is well-built for your child to learn balancing while they are growing and can be passed on to smaller kids in the family.

After a short period, you’ll see how fast your child will learn using the real bike he had from last Christmas.

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