How to Teach your Child to Ride a Balance Bike

How to Teach your Child to Ride a Balance Bike The great ability to ride a bike is an important milestone that most kids encounter. Teaching your children to ride their first bike is something that certainly takes real effort, patience and trust. However, the feeling of seeing your child coast along down the street later on undeniably entails a great feeling of pride and sense of accomplishment.

A balance bike is a type of bicycle without pedals and mainly used to teach kids ages 18 months-9 years old the basic bike riding skills. This bike teaches children the essential skills of balancing two wheels and then steering these wheels while balancing right from the very start. This actually makes the transition into regular bikes with pedals easier.

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Follow these ways to teach your child to rid a balance bike
  • Buy the right balance bike based on the needs and age of your child. Your child must be able to site on the balance bike simply by using her feet flat on the ground with her knees bent slightly. Balance bikes are usually made of steel or wood.
  • Choose a suitable place where you can conveniently teach your child to ride a balance bike. You must choose an open and large spot on the level ground. Parks, empty parking spaces and playgrounds can be ideal places. Make sure that your child is wearing a helmet especially if he or she begins on paved surfaces. You might also want to equip your child with elbow or knee pads.
  • Allow your child to sit in the saddle and begin straddling the balance bike. His feet must be on the ground, and his hands conveniently placed on the handlebars. Allow your child to walk the balance bike slowly in a straight line.
  • You can also teach your child to glide on his bike. As your child walks around the balance bike, he will start to push off with his own feet automatically and glide. Allow your child to increase the time for gliding to let him learn how to balance a bike more.
  • Teach your child to stop the balance bike by putting her feet on the ground. Many balance bikes stop when riders simply drag their feet on the ground. Let your child wear durable and sturdy shoes.
  • Now, it is time to teach your kid how to turn the balance bike. They can start turning by means of leaning into the turn instead of turning handlebars and then let them go freely around corners. Your child is now learning how to steer his balance bike while balancing.
  • Introduce your child on elevated surfaces where he can ride. Your child will certainly grow more comfortable with balancing on his bike at higher speed the more he practices.

Once your kid is already comfortable with navigating different corners on higher rates, he is now ready to learn to ride bikes with pedals. As soon as your child becomes comfortable and enthusiastic in riding, you can already put your baby on a standard bike.

Again, teaching your child to ride a regular bike will also require patience, effort and understanding. However, it would be best not to be in a hurry. Give your child all the time he needs to practice and then enjoy riding a balance bike before he proceeds to bike with pedals.

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