Haro Balance Bike Review

Haro Balance Bike

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Do you still remember your first bike? If so, then let Haro balance bike bring back all those memories. It is in the nature of the parents to understand that investing in high-quality bikes for their little ones is absolutely reassuring. It is good to know that Haro balance bike is safe, strong, and most of all reliable.

This balance bike is not only functional, but it also looks cool and feels good. With this balance bike, expect that you child will know all the basics of riding a bike. In addition to that, it will also allow your child to give attention to steering and balance right before introducing the final component of peddling to the process later on.


  • Haro balance bike has a steel frame that is both lightweight and durable. At about 8.80 pounds, it is much heavier than Strider ST4. However, when it is handled by an 18-month old child, there must be a bit difference noticed. The frame of this balance bike is primarily designed as reminiscent of BMX freestyle bikes, which in the first place gives this balance bike a nice rugged street look.
  • This balance bike is well-equipped with bearing handles responsible for providing stable and smooth steering. Moreover, the handle stem can be adjusted in order to meet the needs of the rider. Since its hand grips are rubber, it will allow the child to have a stable and strong grip. The rubber can show tear and wear over the time.

Haro Balance Bike

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  • Because Haro balance bike has a lightweight, yet strong handles and frame, little riders are able to be a bit adventurous. With this balance bike, they will be given the freedom to explore different tricks, which are not usually advisable to do on the wooden models. It is weatherproof and is capable of enduring harsh riding environments.
  • The adjustable seat post has a minimum height of eleven inches and a maximum height of seventeen inches.
  • This has footrest built onto the frame where the pedals are located.
  • This is equipped with ten inches foam tires and has shorter wheelbase.

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  • Durable frame. Haro balance bike is a lightweight, durable bike that has the capacity to withstand different elements of nature. This is made even better because the frame makes it much easier for the child to carry it.
  • Both the adjustable handlebars and seats accommodate little riders of various ages to ride this balance bike.
  • Instructor handlebars. The built-in instructor handlebars that this balance bike has primarily provided the parents with a proper place to hold onto the balance bike while assisting the child in learning riding a bike.
  • Haro balance bike’s price is much higher than the average price of a balance bike.
  • Footrest location. The grip tape and footrests are not strategically placed. This is why they might scratch small riders.
  • Safety concerns. The exposed bolts located in front along with the rear wheels may hurt the rider.
  • A non-replaceable wheel would mean that parents might be forced to buy two different models.

Haro Balance Bike

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FAQ – Some Questions and Answers

Is the item durable enough?

Haro balance bike’s amazing features make the balance bike itself durable. If you are a parent and are always after the durability of products for your child, then this balance bike is what you need the most. Upon purchasing this bike, you can be certain that it will last for a longer span of time, thus benefit your little ones in the long run.

Can my little child use it?

Of course, your little rider can use this kind of bike right until he or she outgrows the bike. Therefore, you have nothing to worry because it will help your child in many different ways.

Is Haro balance bike easy to use?

The manufacturer has ensured that the riders will never have difficulties when it comes to using this balance bike.

Is this bike worth my money?

If you are always after the learning of your child, then this balance bike is all worth your money and investment. You will never go wrong because this bike has excellent features you cannot find in any other balance bikes available right in the market. Your child will definitely learn the fundamentals of riding a bike, thus makes him even more confident to continue having an adventurous riding experience.

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Final verdict

Overall, there is something that most parents like about this Haro balance bike. This balance bike might be a bit pricey for some, but if you as a parent who hesitates to let your little ones go on their own, this may be the best option you can consider. Haro brand name and its smaller size make it as an amazing first balance bike. If you are looking for a balance bike for your child, this is the best option you can consider.

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