Early Rider Balance Bike Review

Early Rider Balance Bike

Since its first launch, Early Rider Balance Bike has established its own class. With different sizes suited to children with 18 months to 6 years old, this highly functional and crafted bike is definitely bliss to ride.


At a first glance, people can immediately realize that the beautiful birch fork and frame of Early Rider bike is a great addition to a child’s collection of toys. Not only that, because it was designed for several purposes, especially when it comes to teaching a child the proper balance and motor skills when riding it. Early Rider is a wooden type of balance bike that features a faux leather seat, embossed flames and “fat boy” tires.

Small children can take advantage of using this bike as a preparation to ride in a traditional 2-wheeler. It doesn’t have pedals and training wheels. The point of Early Rider Balance Bike is to focus on balance learning. Thus children can successfully work on gross motor skills and boost confidence before throwing themselves in pedaling.

Early Rider Balance Bike

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The Early Rider Balance Bike comes in 3 sizes, specifically made for larger and smaller kindergartens and preschoolers.

  • Lite – Weighing in at 7 pounds, Lite is considered as the lightest available, as well as made for 20 months to 4 years age of children. It comes in pink and natural colors.
  • Classic – At 10.5 pounds; designed for children with 2 to 5 years old, as well as available in pink, blue and natural.
  • Evolution – 11 pounds; designed for 3 ½ to 6 years old. It only comes in natural colors.


Looking at the features of Early Rider Balance Bike, parents will surely not think twice about purchasing one for their beloved little ones. The excellent features comprise:

  • Adaptability and adjustability

Generally, Early Rider offers flexibility among younger riders. Meaning, it can be accustomed to accommodate the riding habits or size of the child. From seat to handlebars to steering turning limiter, children can be able to create a notable bike riding experience next to none.

  • Wood quality

As have mentioned, Early Rider Balance Bike is made of birch wood, which is an eco-friendly feature. Thus, parents and even children can find it easier to handle and carry this bike. Also, protection of wood is guaranteed since non-toxic lacquer finish is used.Early Rider Balance Bike

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  • Recessed bolts

This is another outstanding feature that Early Rider boasts because it keeps younger ones safe from scratches. So, potential injury or accident can be prevented.

Other features include seat pads and hand grips that are made of Ethylene Vinyl Acetate (EVA) foam which is soft for children to hold on to. The seat pads are embellished faux leather, which contains non-toxic phthalates. The “fat boy” tires provide a comfortable ride even on not smooth surfaces. Since the hubs are wrapped with ball bearings, riders can have a faster and smoother wheel spin.

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What makes Early Rider Balance Bike a very in-demand toy collection for children?

Environmentally-friendly. Because the bike is made of reusable resources – birch wood – many eco-friendly parents start turning to it. Its 3 sizes obtained an FSC-certified birch wood, ensuring that they were taken with proper sustainable forestry methods.

Lightweight. The lightest size of Early Rider Balance Bike, the Lite, is easily handled by kids as young as 20 months.

Weather and waterproof birch wood. Finally, this is a type of balance bike that can potentially withstand some of the elements of nature. The marine grade birch wood gives children and parents ease of mind.


On the other hand, what makes Early Rider Balance Bike quite less considered?

The price is the first reason; it is higher priced compared to other balance bikes, specifically wooden balance bikes. Additionally, it doesn’t have brakes or footrests. This may seem an advantage to other parents because of the convenience they get, but many consumers find it disadvantageous as they are typically considered a protection concern.

FAQ – Some Questions and Answers

What is the highly priced size of Early Rider Balance Bike?

Coming in at an amount of $140 to $160, the Early Rider Lite is considered having a higher worth than other products of balance bikes. Sometimes, it can be found between $60 and $100.

Since the bike is protected with a lacquer veneer finish, does it mean it is safe from rotting or warping?

The lacquer veneer finish protects the Early Rider bike; however this is not typically enough to keep the wood from rotting or warping. Therefore, enough maintenance is critically needed to keep the bike in a good condition.

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Final Verdict

No doubt, the Early Rider Balance Bike is a well-designed bike that has many great and versatile features, unlike other wooden competitors. It offers to adjust options to many of its parts so that change can be accommodated. This is an additional advantage to parents who want to use the bike for more than one child.

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