Some Tips to Make it a Little Easier on Balance Bike

Balance Bike Tips

Some kids will learn how to ride a balance bike right away, but others may need more motivation and help. Here are some helpful balance bike tips to keep in mind.

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Now, if you already have a balance bike you should know few things to make it easier for your kids to be on a balance bike. Here the the few things you should know…

Make sure that the bike is working properly

A bad bike can make it more difficult for a child to learn. It will not only discourage your kid but also put his safety at risk. Before you leave, make sure that the handlebars are turning easily, the wheels are spinning smoothly; the brakes are working properly, and the tires are pumped up.

You also need to make sure that the bike is the right fit for your child. It should be possible for your child to touch the ground with the balls of his feet while sitting on the saddle.

He should be able to do this with a slight bend in his knee. Your child should also be able to reach the handlebars with ease and steer it without any problem.

Choose the right location

Choose an open area without any form of distraction. This will provide your child with a safe learning environment and ensure that he is focused on learning how to ride a balance bike. Short dry grass will make sure that your kid can gain enough momentum to balance securely.

Don’t install training wheels when your child is ready to pedal

Installing training wheels are not advisable when your child is ready to pedal as this will counter all the work he has done in learning how to balance. Allow your child to practice. The better he gets, the more he will want to ride his bike and improve his skills.

Remember that your child will try to do what you’re doing, so allow them to see you riding a bike. You can ride as a family. This is also a great way to create fun memories with them.

Wear the right gear

Avoid wearing loose clothing. Shoelaces should be avoided as it may get jammed in the wheels. Make sure that your child is wearing a well-fitted helmet, soft padded jacket, jeans and sturdy shoes.


Kids will try to use their feet to stop the bike. Once your child gets faster, he needs to start using the brakes. Teach your little one how to use the rear brake first and then the front brake.  You can also run alongside him with your hand on his back if he needs to stop.

Be patient

Patience is very important. If you see that your child is not yet ready to ride his bike, then you should not force him. Store the bike in your garage for a few weeks until he is ready. Installing some accessories such as stickers can encourage your child to learn.

If your child wants to pick up speed, then finding a gentle hill should be your next step. Look for a gentle downhill that will help increase your child’s speed. Follow these helpful balance bike tips and you will see your child enjoying his balance bike in no time.