A Must Read Guide On Balance Bike Safety

Balance Bike Safety

As a parent, all you want for your kid is to be secure and safe at all times. In using a balance bike, your goal is for your kid to be free from bruises and bumps. Thus, you need to ensure that your kid is following all of the safety measures. On this post, we are going write a must read guide on balance bike safety.

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The First Ride

Your kid must learn to ride a bike the easier and faster way possible. The emphasis must be on the control and safety. Follow these simple guidelines below:

  • Explain more about the dangers of balance bikes to your kid, including the roads and the stuff. The balance bike also needs to be assembled and checked according to a set of instructions.
  • Go to lawn, a carpet or even a soft surface for your kid’s first attempts. You may give him or her with extra support. Do not rush your kid in doing so.
  • Before your kid start on biking, letting him or her wear a bike helmet and cycle gloves is, therefore, essential. Later on, he or she will get used to it. Your kid should make use of a helmet particularly in biking on a hard surface.
  • Let your kid learn in a good and safe place. The main purpose is to ensure that he knows how to stop and he knows the right way of turning the bike. Be most certain that your kid is already responsible in using his or her bike. This is also even before going out in public or open spaces.

The following are the things that should always be kept in mind:

  • Ensure that your kid wears bike gloves and helmets including kneepads and elbow pads.
  • Ensure that your kid is safe and secure on every ride. The wheel axle bolts also need to be secure.
  • Your kid must fully understand the dangers of crowded areas and roads
  • Better yet, allow your kid to ride on a wooden balance bike. Complete adult supervision is likewise essential.
  • Even the dangers of the place or the environment must be learned on by your kid.

The following are the things that should never be done by your kid:

  • The balance bike must not be used on narrow pavements or even on the road.
  • The balance bike must also not be used near a lake, a swimming pool or even a river.
  • The balance bike must not be used anywhere near the steps or stairways.
  • This must also not be used on the sand, on the gravel or even on the slippery floor.
  • This must not also be used near the hills
  • This must not be used with a mobile phone or a personal stereo
  • Even crowded areas must be avoided by your kid

Other Things to Consider for the Balance Bike Safety

Among those things to consider for the balance, bike safety includes the rubber rings and handlebar at their correct positions. The tires must have no splits or tears in them. Even the wheels must rotate freely, and the foam must be positioned on the seat.

Apart from it, the wheel axle bolt must be secure and tight at all times. Even the balance bike must have no splits/cracks.

With all of these things in mind, you are most assured of the balance bike safety for your kids!

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