Balance Bike Safety Gears You Must Need For Your Kids

What Safety Gears You Must Need For Your KidsMore and more kids nowadays are hooked with outdoor activities and one of the most popular toys that parents give their kids are balance bikes. Regardless of how safe the kids balance bike is, it will still require your kids to wear safety gears, especially when they are just starting to get used to it.

Balance bikes help in training your kids to develop their sense of balance riding a bike prior to riding a real bike for their age. However, it may still seem dangerous especially when you let your kids train on it without any protective gear.

Top Protective Gears that Your Kids Must Wear When Riding Balance Bikes

The following are the most important protective gears that you should let your child wear when riding his or her balance bike.

Balance Bike Safety Gears


The first protective gear that you must purchase is the helmet. It helps in reducing the risks of head injuries. When purchasing your child’s very first helmet, make sure that it can fit perfectly on his or head. It should be on a level position to prevent it from rocking from one side to another.

Though bright colors may seem attractive for kids to use, it will also allow you to notice them even from a long distance and prevent any form of accidents from happening. Check out the Best Toddler Bike Helmets now!

Elbow and Knee Pads

Knee pads help prevent your kids’ patella from being broken in case they suffer from accidental slides while riding their bike. This is also the same with the elbow pads. It protects the elbow from bruises and other serious injuries if they fall while riding the bike.

For knee pads, you can look for a pair with shin guard as it strengthens the security provided on the knee area unlike getting regular knee pads. Make sure that when wearing these protective pads, the straps are adjusted properly to offer maximum protection. Also, don’t forget to check the material used for the side that touches your kid’s skin. Ensure that it is soft and will not trigger irritation.


Another protective gear that you must not forget is the gloves. Preferably, leather gloves are best used to protect your kid’s gentle hands from any elements. Also, it can also help in keeping your kid’s hands warm even while riding his or her bike outside in a cold weather.

Wrist Guards

Regardless of how young your kid is, it is necessary that you let him or her wear wrist guards. Since it is normal that you would use your hand to support your entire body when you are about to fall, there is a great risk that the wrist may get injured. You can prevent this from happening by letting your kid wear this gear. Choose a printed wrist guard with their favorite character or with their favorite color to entice them to wear it. 

These are some of the important gears that any parent must not forget to purchase when letting their kids use a balance bike. Letting them wear these gears prior to training with their bike can prevent them from getting serious injuries.