Balance Bike Buyers’ Guide

Balance Bike Buyers’ Guide

Balance bikes are the simplest bikes ever created. There is not much to go wrong with these bikes as these are easy to ride and maintain. These bikes are proven to be ideal options when looking for the first bike to be given by parents to their kids.

Aside from having fun while riding, the kids also get the chance to gain proper balance, leaning, steering and coordination skills which will prepare them for their transition to a standard bicycle.

With numerous models and companies out there offering balance bikes, it becomes really hard to decide which bike is perfect for your kid. However, some buying tips can guide you accordingly and help you end up with a successful and satisfying purchase.

When buying a balance bike, you need to ensure that you pick a pick that your child will use and enjoy. Sticking with the best choice of a balance bike actually make your child feel more confident. So, it is highly imperative to be guided accordingly if you are planning to purchase. The following are helpful tips that can also serve as your guide during the searching and buying process:

Balance Bike Buyers’ Guide
  • Consider your Child’s Age

You might think that your kid is too young to ride balance bikes, but this might not be the case. When buying a balance bike, you seriously need to consider the age of your child.

If he or she is below two years old, they are still allowed to ride balance bikes. In case your kid is smaller, you need to find a bike with lighter balance bike with also lighter tires.

  • Be Mindful about  the Weight of the Balance Bike

When buying a balance bike, weight is an important factor to be considered. Keep in mind that heavy bikes are difficult to manipulate, and if safety is your concern, you need to choose a lightweight yet durable bike for your child.

  • Consider the Child’s Personality as Well

Is your kid adventurous and more daring? Or is he or she more relaxed and calm? Depending on the child’s need, you might want to choose the perfect balance bike for your child. If your child prefers learning tricks and going downhill, you better choose a wooden balance bike.

However, if your kid is more leisurely on their riding, then metal or wooden framed bike is a suitable option.

  • Purchase Safety Gears along with the Balance Bike

Since balance bikes have the usual foot to floor designs, you might think that there is no need for safety gear. However, your child might still take several falls before understanding precisely how balance bike really works.

This being said you need to purchase safety gear such as elbow or knee pads and helmet to ensure your child‘s protection. These safety gears make their balance bike learning experience a relatively easy and painless one.

Aside from the other helpful tips, you also need to consider the price range and the features of balance bikes before buying. Ensure that the bike you will choose includes comfortable grips and saddles, adjustable height, brake on models for old kids and more.

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