5 Things to Consider When Buying a Mountain Bike

Mountain BikeHave you decided to buy a mountain bike? But before you buy one, a little bit of research is necessary.  Read our list of 5 things to consider when buying a mountain bike, before buying a bike. These 5 essential tips will help you better decide which mountain bike to buy. Be it for beginner level biking or for commute, these 5 points will clear all your confusions.

  1. Budget

This is the first thing to keep in mind when buying a mountain bike. A budget is necessary, as it will help you consider your options. You might need extra cash to buy some safety gear like helmets and gloves or biking clothes. You can easily find bikes under $500 dollar, which have an overall good build. Bikes with metal frames have become more budget friendly these days. Look at our list of Best Mountain Bikes Under 500 for a more detailed guide on what mountain bikes options you have.

  1. Types of mountain bikes

There are mainly 3 types of mountain bikes:

  • Full-suspension (Both the back and front have shock absorbers or suspensions)
  • Hard-tail ( the suspension fork is at the front side)
  • Rigid (Has no suspension)

The idea is to pick the bike perfect for the journey or path you intend to ride through.

  1. Size Of the mountain bike

When choosing a mountain bike, it is important to consider the size. The right sized bike will provide you with that extra comfort and flexibility while riding. Always try to test a bike first at a bike store before buying one online.

  1. Materials used in making the bikes frame

It is a known fact that the more durable and high quality the frame material quality is, the more the bike will be priced. More quality material for the bike frame will also give the bike a more robust feel. Always check what material the bike frame is made from. A cheaper bike mostly comes with cheaper and low-quality frame material.

  1. The Features

Features are an integral part of any mountain bike. Features are there to attract buyers.  You can start with a bike with minimal features and later upgrade to a more advanced bike with more features as you progress.  Some features to be considered when buying a mountain bike are:

  • Saddle: If the seats are comfy, the rider will have a good riding experience. Avoid hard and improperly padded seats.
  • Brakes: Nowadays bikes will either have rim brakes or disc brakes. Disc brakes are better. Bikes with disc brakes are a bit pricey,
  • Gears or shifts: There different types of gear shifts on mountain bikes. Trigger shifters, paddle shifters, thumb shifters, and twist shifters are some of the commonly found shifts on a bike. Examine a bike’s shift properly, before choosing the one perfect for you.
  • Wheels: The wheel size should be properly checked before buying a mountain bike. It helps determine which wheel size is perfect for your riding.

So these are the 5 things you should consider before buying a mountain bike. There is a wide selection of bikes to choose from. These 5 things or factors should be properly looked into unless you want to waste your money on a useless bike.